Photo: Paul J Havel/Instagram @pjhavel

Spotted on Instagram: Seriously swoon-worthy Christmas curb appeal.

By Marisa Spyker

Sure, beach houses are enough to turn heads year-round. But couple their blue-painted shutters and double-decker porches with a festive display of lights, garland, and big red bows and the scene turns from eye-catching to downright magical. Here are 10 of the dreamiest holiday homes that earned big hearts in our Instagram feed.  

Norman Rockwell would love this town 🎄

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Kennebunkport, Maine
The shutters, the bows, the garland-wrapped columns. Everything about this festive white clapboard home is a winner.



New Orleans, Louisiana
Here’s a house Santa surely won’t miss—nor would he want to. The cottage is gloriously bedazzled in red and green foliage, ribbon, ornaments, and bows that really pop against its pineapple-yellow siding.


Historic Mobile.

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Mobile, Alabama
This Southern stunner of a home keeps it simple (and classy) with wreaths on every second-floor door and window and strings of garland draping off the railings.


That Mayfair flair 💁🏼‍♀️💁🏼‍♀️💁🏼‍♀️

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Nantucket, Massachusetts
The weathered shingles, rooftop deck, blue door, and holiday flair has this Mayfair home giving us serious Mayberry vibes.

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La Jolla, California
Were it not for the photo bombing palm fronds, one might mistake this tiny home as something straight out of a winter wonderland. We love the icy white palette and “snow”-dusted garland.


#oldbuildingswitholdcars: Holiday Edition

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Kennebunk, Maine
The permanent detail of a tiny pine tree cutout carved into the cerulean blue shutters is a nice complement to the holiday décor on this home’s front porch: a glowing string of garland and a classic wreath. (The classic wheels in front are a major bonus!)

Feeling festive 🎄

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New Orleans, Louisiana
This pretty-in-blue corner building in the city’s historic district gets a seasonal makeover with glowing garland wrapping the windows and door.


Navarre Beach, Florida
This mint green beach house demonstrates the power of perfectly placed wreaths to instantly add holiday cheer.


City sidewalks, busy sidewalks dressed in holiday style 🎄❤️ #holidaydecor #providence

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Providence, Rhode Island
As we quietly contemplate how to insert ourselves directly into this scenario, we’re also admiring this picture-perfect home’s red door and the home’s cleverly placed house number directly underneath it.


Key West, Florida
White Christmases are lovely, but so is sporting a tank top and shorts on a beach cruiser in December. That’s the magic of Key West, as is this charming pink shuttered retreat with festive ribbon-wrapped railings.