This hot holiday trend is taking Instagram by storm—here, three easy ways to decorate these delicious fruits for your end-of-year celebration.

By Lauren Phillips
November 14, 2017
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There’s a lot to love about pineapples: They’re delicious, yes. One particular cartoon pineapple is the home of a beloved sea sponge. They’ve inspired the ultimate vacation libation, the piña colada. They’re a beloved symbol of hospitality. And this year, they’re the secret ingredient to decorating for the holidays.

That’s right—pineapple Christmas trees are the latest trend in decorating for Christmas, New Year’s Eve, and other winter celebrations. These tropical DIY treasures are taking over Instagram and Pinterest and, unlike some holiday trends, they’re absolutely attainable (plus inexpensive and incredibly easy to make).

Here, your how-to guide for decorating your own pineapple Christmas trees, whether you’re planning a small-space celebration, a budget-friendly holiday, a coastal Christmas, or you just want another excuse to bring pretty pineapples into your home.

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Pineapples don’t last quite as long as Christmas trees, so be sure to buy the most unripe, green pineapples you can find to help your decorations last as long as possible. When picking out pineapples, look for fruits with big, leafy tops (to leave more room for your decorations) and flat, solid bases, so they stay upright and less wobbly, for easier decorating. If you want your tropical tree to last through a special event, dinner, or party, make it only a day or two in advance, so it’s fresh and ready to go for the big day.


Evelyn SeoYi Choi

This shiny pineapple is perfect for a minimalist holiday celebration, or a dazzling New Year’s Eve get together. If your taste is more laidback or you’re not a big fan of Christmas lights and colorful ornaments, consider a painted pineapple.

It’s surprisingly simple to make: Pick your pineapple, grab a can of gold spray paint from your local craft store, and spray away. (We used Krylon, but any metallic spray paint should work.) Be sure to spray from various angles, especially at the top, for full coverage. Let it dry for at least 15 minutes, then do a second coat, being sure to get any spots you may have missed the first time and the bottom of the pineapple. Make sure the pineapple is completely dry before touching or moving, and avoid moving it around too much, as the paint can flake off.

And that’s it! If you want to prevent the paint from chipping, try a clear finishing spray once the gold paint has dried. Experiment with more metallic colors for a whole collection of decorated pineapples that will wow your holiday guests!


Evelyn SeoYi Choi

There’s a reason you’re seeing pineapples simply decorated with Christmas ornaments all over your social media feeds: It’s easy, and you can use materials you already have! Be sure to use smaller ornaments, so they don’t seem too big on the pineapple leaves, and consider using string instead of hooks to hang them—fitting hooks around a pineapple’s irregularly sized leaves can be tricky. Try tucking a few bulbs among the leaves themselves so the colors are well-distributed.

For the base, you have some options: We used a simple (coastal-colored!) ribbon, but you can also use sunglasses for a more playful look, or string lights to up the holiday factor.


Evelyn SeoYi Choi

For our final pineapple Christmas tree decorating idea, you can let your creativity (and color choices) go wild. We used aqua spray paint on the leaves, but you can pick any color that matches your home décor, fits your tablescape, or makes you happy.

Wrap a garbage bag (or other plastic bag) securely around the base of your pineapple, leaving only the top leaves exposed, and fasten with tape. Spray the leaves with your paint color of choice, again being sure to spray from different angles to cover them fully. Let dry completely, then do a second coat to make sure you didn’t miss any spots. If you want, use a clear finishing spray to help the color last.

Once the top is dry, cut the bag away and wrap string lights (we used battery-powered fairy lights from Target) around the leaves and base. Add ornaments to the top, if you like. And that's it! Your holiday decorations are now ready for their moment in the spotlight.

Evelyn SeoYi Choi