This clean and bright Maine cottage echoes the serene seascape surrounding it for a relaxed and beautiful getaway. Shop this cottage in our boutique! In this Kennebunkport summer home, Architect Brian Beaudette and designer Nancy Boughton take their inspiration from nature. The clean, relaxed look in blue and white mirrors the view of Maine’s southern coast. The front hall is outfitted simply, with a pair of Dutch doors and an inviting bench. Baskets hold everything from towels to flip-flops. In the family room, a table has been repurposed as an ottoman, with a tray set into the upholstered top. It’s a stylish place to prop up feet and rest a drink. Stones collected on the beach have been crafted into an inset that frames the firebox In the living room. Custom white cabinetry in the kitchen keeps clutter to a minimum, while wood floors make cleaning up after sandy feet a breeze. A vibrant subway tile backsplash, and counters made of recycled glass and cement, reflect the seaside palette and provide a pop of color. In the children’s bedroom, two rows of beds are an interesting spin on traditional bunks. Built-in drawers and bookshelves in place of headboards provide clever storage and make the most of the long, narrow space. Dormers in the playroom bring in additional light. This kid-friendly retreat is designed for comfort and rough-and-tumble activity, with a corduroy upholstered sofa and sturdy wool carpet. This classic Maine cottage echoes the seascape surrounding it, for a relaxed and beautiful getaway. Find more design inspiration at

By Coastal Living

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