From classic to offbeat, we're here to help you choose the best colors for your living room! There’s a reason blue and white is such a popular palette in beach homes: It’s as fresh and fun as it is sophisticated. But that doesn’t make it the only option for decorating a lovely pad by the sea. Whether you deviate slightly and throw in pops of seafoam and chartreuse, or opt for a complete departure by building a room around a feisty shade of pink, the possibilities are limitless. If you’re bold and love turquoise, upholster your couches in this look-at-me hue. Less adventurous types may want to use it more subtly in a neutral space with accessories and throw pillows that are easy to switch out. To find the perfect color combo for your living room, use a color wheel: (9) hues that sit opposite each other on the sphere, like purple and orange and pink and minty green, (10) are guaranteed to look pretty when paired. And while bright shades can be exciting, remember that more neutral palettes have their own charm, too. Rooms designed in light blues, grays, and creams are inherently relaxing, and allow other elements, like texture, architectural detail, and ocean views, to shine. Go crazy or classic! The right palette for your living room is as unique as you are. Find more color inspiration at

By Coastal Living

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