These hot looks have arrived just in time for warmer weather.

By Katelyn Chef
April 17, 2018

A blufftop site wiped out by a Malibu wildfire, which left only the charred remnants of a fireplace and swimming pool. The new house stands in splendid isolation with virtually no other residence in sight, only views of the wide Pacific and an adjacent canyon protected from development. 

Genius Move: A terra-cotta tiled terrace with an L-shaped banquette stretches onto the bluff, creating the illusion of an outdoor seating area that hovers over the ocean. “This is the knockout view,” says Mayer. “From here, you can see miles of blue.”

Photo: John Ellis; Styling: Liz Strong

Cue the comeback of sunny days, balmy temperatures, and blissful hours spent on the porch. It’s spring, which means it’s time to enjoy your outdoor living space once more. The season often brings with it new trends of all varieties, and this year we’re seeing plenty of fun, fresh ideas for patios, front porches, gardens, and home exteriors. Here are five top outdoor decorating trends we can’t wait to try.

1. Don’t Shy Away from Color: Whether you’re ready to switch up the cushions on your patio sectional or are considering a bold new hue for your front door, 2018 is just the time to brighten up. While Pantone’s color of the year is UltraViolet, the pigment aficionados have ID’d a host of other trending hues that we're loving for outdoor hangouts. For modest color lovers, Nile Green, Ash Rose, Blooming Dahlia, and Pink Lavender are welcoming, happy selections. More adventurous types will swoon over Lime Punch and Rapture Rose.

2. Go Green: You may have already ushered in this easy (and on trend!) tropical design trick into your home, but adding plants as decor is even more at home in an alfresco living space (no surprise!). Whether it’s a single palm leaf placed in a seaglass vase or a potted Majesty Palm in a chic white planter, bringing your porch to life with leaves is hot this year. If gardening isn't your game, try bringing fresh fronds into your space via accessories, like throw pillows in a tropical print.

3. Get Crafty: With enough pretty Pinterest DIYs to fill your weekends for life, it can be hard to pick just one (or know where to start). If you’re new to the crafting craze—or just need a fresh idea, get your feet wet with a relatively easy DIY. We love this no-sew rope coil basket (perfect for stashing outdoor pillows) and these dip-dyed pots (shown above) in lively colors.

4. Cultivate Zen: Creating a blissful escape is the ultimate goal when it comes to exterior spruce-ups, and what could be more peaceful than a Zen garden? Japanese Zen Gardens are one of the hottest outdoor living trends for 2018, and they happen to have a surprising coastal connection: the main elements that make up a Zen garden—larger rocks placed within a sea of smaller gravel or sand—can evoke the look of islands (the larger rocks) rising from an ocean (the smaller rock ground covering). If you’re not in the market to designate a portion of your garden into a true Zen space, try incorporating elements of the style, like pebbles (add them to the top of planters as a plant surround) and potted succulents, which thrive in more arid, rocky climates.

5. Make an Entrance: It may seem like a small touch, but creating a first impression with a stylish welcome mat can make a big difference. Whether you’re inspired by the sea or gravatate toward the avant-garde, there’s a perfect doormat for you. You can’t go wrong with a blue and white fish-patterned doormat or a navy nautical rope number. Of course, home is where you are anchored, so this monogram-able anchor doormat makes for a naturally nautical touch. You're welcome.

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