From simple to stylish, an outdoor shower is the perfect accessory for a house by the sea. Get inspiration from our favorites. Get more outdoor shower inspiration. Outdoor showers are a staple of beachside homes. Not only are they practical for rinsing sandy feet and bathing suits after an afternoon on the beach, but showering under the sun’s rays is a refreshing summer treat. An outdoor shower can be as basic as a water fixture attached to the wall, or it can offer more privacy – and style - with enclosed walls and even multiple stalls for large groups. Make it easy by having your outdoor shower share a wall with an indoor shower to simplify plumbing and make installation a breeze. Whatever the setup, keep safety a priority with a nonslip surface underfoot, like rough wood planks or bricks. Or, for a lush green look, try artificial grass with a drainage system below. Hooks are handy for hanging suits, towels, and gear to dry in the sun. And garden stools make smart vanity shelves for soap, shampoo, and other necessities while also adding a fun pop of color. Find more design inspiration at

By Coastal Living

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