Give your home a fresh new look by painting your front door a happy hue. Here are our favorite color ideas for front doors. More Entry Inspiration: 
16 Inviting Coastal Entries
Easy Ways to Update Your Entry A house makes its first impression with its front door, which can convey the personality and style of the people inside. And luckily, this is one first impression that you can do over. Nothing has a bigger impact on a coastal front door than fresh paint in a cheery shade. And since bolder is better at the beach, don’t hold back! We love vibrant blues and dynamic yellows. But if bright colors aren’t your style, a calming yet bold shade like a light beachy green could be for you. Whichever shade you choose, be sure to first buff the door with 220-grit sandpaper and then prime it so the paint adheres well. If you opt for a colorful door, stick with neutral shades elsewhere – such as the siding and trim – to let the bold entry be the star of the show. Or pick up the shade in shutters or accessories to pack added punch. No matter which hue you use, a fresh coat of bright paint enlivens the look of the entire front entry. Giving directions to your house just became a whole lot easier – just tell people to come to the house with the bright red (or blue, or green, or yellow…) door.

By Coastal Living

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