Want to bring this cheerful shade into your home in a way that really wows? These fail-proof color combos have you covered. 

By Marisa Spyker
May 31, 2018
Photo: Richard Leo Johnson; Styling: Elizabeth Beeler

As one of our five hottest summer colors, Pineapple Yellow is having a sweet little moment. But while many people might acknowledge the hue's uplifting powers, some might be apprehensive about decorating with such an attention-grabbing shade—especially with the permanence of paint. But fear not: We dug up three all-star examples of homes decked out in Pineapple so you can take inspiration from the palettes for your own home:

Photo: Brian Woodcock
Courtesy of Manufacturer

 Sherwin Williams Open Air + Lemon Twist 

You can never go wrong with a color combo inspired by clear and sunny skies. This home's sweet sky blue walls soften the boldness of the yellow door, making it a great palette for bright color beginners.  

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Photo: David A. Land; styling: Martha Bernabe
Courtesy of Manufacturer

Benjamin Moore Sunshine + Super White 

The boldest shades of Pineapple take on a more minimalist, modern look when paired simply with a clean, bright white. Try something playful with the two-toned palette, such as a wall of yellow stripes in a bedroom or a painted faux runner on a staircase. 

Photo: Richard Leo Johnson; Styling: Elizabeth Beeler
Courtesy of Manufacturer

Similar: Sherwin Williams CapriFun Yellow 

Bring the beachiest vibes to your seaside shack with a vibrant exterior palette of turquoise and sunshine yellow. Since the yellow has a more toned down temperature, the bright blue trim and accessories are able to really shine.