From hot shades to bold wall coverings, here’s what pinners are searching for most.

By Marisa Spyker
December 14, 2018
Photo: David A. Land; styling: Lindsey Ellis Beatty and Rachael Burrow

Whether or not you believe in following trends, the start of a new year is always a good time to take inventory of what you love about your home and what you wouldn’t mind saying goodbye to. Maybe it’s a small change, such as swapping out a duvet and throw pillows in a bedroom, or maybe it’s a complete room overhaul.

Either way, the best way to figure out what you want is to scour the web for inspiration—and with 14 billion home ideas, Pinterest is a great resource. (As is Coastal Living, of course.) The idea-sharing site recently wrangled up a list of décor-related phrases people are searching for most. And while they, yes, happen to be trending, rest assured, there’s no Millennial Pink to be found. Here are 8 unique ideas Pinners are currently coveting:

Vibrant Shades of Yellow
Experts say this sunshine-inspired color can boost feelings of optimism and happiness, and that’s reason enough to splash of dose of it in your home. Pinners agree: According to Pinterest, searches for decorating ideas involving yellow are up 45 percent.

Contemporary Fireplaces
Come the first sub-70-degree temps of fall, there’s nothing quite as satisfying as curling up in front of an indoor or outdoor fireplace. But according to Pinterest, people might be swapping visions of classic red brick for more streamlined silhouettes: Searches for “contemporary fireplace” are up 763 percent.

Fabric as Art
Textiles aren’t just for pillows and curtains anymore. Now, people are searching for ways to bring texture to their walls by repurposing patterned fabric as artwork. While hanging a woven or chunky textile directly on the wall brings a boho vibe, try framing an artful piece of fabric or mounting it under a piece of acrylic—à la our Rosemary Beach Idea House game room—for a more contemporary take.

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Walls that Shape Shift
Looking for a fun accent wall that isn’t wallpaper or an all-over bold shade? Stick to softer hues and, instead, play with pattern. Painted stripes are classic in a coastal bedroom, but according to Pinterest, more people are opting to paint their walls in colorful geometric patterns. (Searches for “geometric paint” are up 225 percent.)

Plants That Have a Point
As in cacti, of course. According to Pinterest, searches for cactus arrangements are up 235 percent. When potted together, cacti and all forms of succulents bring both greenery and a sculptural accent to rooms indoors and out.

Brightened up Tile
Maybe think twice before automatically opting for neutral flooring. Just like a bold accent wall, painted tile floors can bring a jolt of energy and color to a space like an entryway or powder room. And according to Pinterest, searches for painted floor tiles are up a whopping 1,276 percent.

Natural Swimming Pools
Love having a pool but hate the smell and sting of chlorine? More people seem to be choosing chemical-free swimming pools, according to Pinterest. Natural pools use the same methods as nature to filter out bacteria, with water that’s constantly in motion and plants that help keep the water clean.

Wallpaper That Wows
It might be time to rethink that old can of eggshell paint. Bold print wallpaper is taking the place of basic painted walls on many Pinners’ inspiration boards. Between that and the previous trend of painted geometric walls, the message is clear: bolder seems to be better in 2019.