Get ready to sip, serve, style, and sparkle in Pinterest-worthy holiday fashion. These trending ideas—pulled together based on what Pinterest users are saving and sharing in 2018—are here to help you host your best soirée of the season.

By Marisa Spyker
November 27, 2018
Photo: David Hillegas and Max Kim-Bee

The Trend: Pitcher Cocktails

A genius idea for beach vacations and holiday parties alike, crafting large batch cocktails (searches for the phrase are up 32 percent) is an easy way to serve signature sippers without playing full-time bartender. Many of our favorite beachy holiday cocktails—hello, coconut eggnog—can be made by the batch, but we’re also crushing on this pomegranate rosemary prosecco from Pinterest.

The Trend: Displaying Your Holiday Cards

The holidays are perhaps the one time of year that letters are more likely to fill your physical mailbox instead of your inbox—and that’s cause for celebration. Accordingly, more people are leaning toward creative methods of holiday card display (searches for the phrase are up 460 percent). A simple DIY is draping a strand of twine or burlap ribbon from a mantle or stair railing and affixing cards with clothespins; we also love the backdrop of these white-painted wood frames.

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The Trend: Candy-Dotted Cookies

There’s certainly no shortage of festive cookie recipes floating around each and every holiday season. If you’re struggling with the decision of which one to bring to your annual cookie swap, you might want to give this crowd-approved fave a go. These M&M Christmas Cookie Bars have been saved by Pinterest users 364,000 times, making them the top holiday cookie on the idea-sharing site. While they certainly sound tasty, we can’t help but recommend one of our most pinned holiday cookie recipes, too: the oh-so-beachy “Fish and Chips.”

The Trend: Foliage as Table Fashion

Pops of nature are always welcome guests at any celebration, including holiday-themed ones. While last year Pinners trended toward natural textures on the table, this year brings with it leaves of greenery as functional accessories. According to Pinterest, idea searches for leaf place cards bumped up 116 percent this year. Smart, simple, and seaside-inspired.

The Trend: Paper-Free Wrapping

As the spotlight shines brighter on the perils of single-use items (we’re looking at you, straws), more people are becoming conscious of their own environmental footprint—especially around the holidays. The piles of discarded paper that once accompanied gift giving is being replaced with reusable fabrics, scarves, and tea towels as more people seek out zero-waste alternatives to wrapping paper. Better for the environment and a gift that essentially gives twice? We’ll take it.

The Trend: An Elevated Tree Perch

Want to take the sophistication of your holiday tree up a notch? You might want to trade in your tree skirt for a tree collar. According to Pinterest, saves for this modern tree base are up more than 380 percent. While collars come in different shapes and materials, we love the look of a coastal tree perched atop a classic wicker base.


The Trend: Lighter Holiday Fare

Visions of holiday meals are traditionally accompanied by visions of after-dinner food comas, but this year, it seems more people (54 percent more, to be exact) are hoping to trade in those butter-loaded potatoes for healthier holiday recipes. A few favorites include skinny sweet potato casserole (42,000 saves) and cranberry almond spinach salad (69,000 saves), but we’d also point beach lovers toward San Diego chef Brian Malarkey’s entire Christmas menu, which includes delicious, lighter dishes such as cauliflower steaks with kumquat jam and scallops with celery root and bourbon-browned butter cherries.

The Trend: Layered Front Door Mats

While this is certainly a trend we could get behind year-round, it’s a grand idea for festive holiday mats with cheeky sayings, too. The trick here is to go for a patterned flat-weave underneath that’s at least 3’ by 5’, that way you get enough of the bold aesthetic without detracting from the star mat on top.

The Trend: Upcycled Ornaments

Diehard DIYers have undoubtedly dabbled in homemade ornaments before. But this year, it’s all about the upcycling, or crafting something new out of recycled parts. Pinterest ideas include repurposing wine corks, house keys, Legos, and seashells into tree accessories. Another obvious choice for coastal trees? Repurposing fishing floats into festive ball ornaments.

The Trend: A New Twist on Wreaths

Put a modern spin on the most traditional of holiday decorations by displaying an asymmetrical holiday wreath. A wire wreath form keeps things clean and simple, while a grapevine ring lends a more rustic vibe. Add some coastal flair with strategically placed seashells or oyster shells.