Saves for the earthy hue have skyrocketed.

By Marisa Spyker
December 19, 2017

Sage green cabinetry connects the kitchen to nature in a light, soft way; a walnut island amplifies the room's connection to the earthy landscape. The quartzite stone countertops and backsplash are "bombproof," adds Lucas, who had them honed to a leathered finish. Blown-glass pendants in woven brass cages and a custom stovetop hood trimmed in unlacquered brass add handsome polish and "help age the house a bit," the designer says.

Photo by Peter Frank Edwards; Styling by Elly Poston

If you’re contemplating giving your bedroom walls a new look next year, you might want to scrap any thoughts of eggshell or ecru. According to Pinterest, there’s a new neutral in town: sage.

The hue was among the top trends reported in the annual Pinterest 100, which analyzes what Pinners are saving and searching for. According to the report, saves for sage have grown more than 170 percent.

While the grayish-green shade can range in warmth and lightness, it’s frequently used by decorators as a nature-inspired neutral, dressing walls in a soothing bedroom or cabinets in a breezy kitchen. It’s also an unexpected alternative to muted grays, with a similar versatility (it works well with a variety of decorating styles).

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Photo: David A. Land; styling: Liz Strong; Design Kevin Isbell

Because of its earthy vibes, sage pairs well with natural textures like wood and seagrass.

Photo: Tria Giovan, Stylists: Rachel Burrow and Liz Strong

For a more modern application, pair a sage-colored ceramic backsplash with glossy white quartz countertops.