Create your own spa-like oasis with ideas from our favorite beach house bathrooms. More Bath Inspiration: 
Our Favorite Baths
11 Beachy Bathrooms   With the right fixtures and decorative details, a master bath can become a truly soothing space. A deep soaking tub offers an ideal spot for relaxing. This one’s widemarble rim allows for items that add to the room’s tranquility, like candles and greenery. For additional storage within arm’s reach, build open shelving into the wall above the tub to stow stacks of plush towels and trays of aromatic soaps. Incorporating natural materials into the cabinetry and accessories adds interest and texture; here, earthy bamboo paneling strikes a pleasing contrast with chic and colorful floor tiles. Using shells is another effective organic choice; coastal artifacts add visual interest and a sense of island ease to any master bath. To create a wow-factor, cover the bathroom walls and floors in the same material, like wood or tile. To make a small bathroom feel more spacious, choose pieces with open bases, such as claw-foot tubs that stand a few inches above the ground and sinks without lower cabinetry. Oversize picture windows also serve to make a space seem bigger, with the added benefit of bringing in the view. Find more design inspiration at

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