From funky shapes to saturated hues and surprising applications, these tile trends are perfect for beach houses and beyond.

By Mary Tomlinson
July 26, 2017
Aubrey Torrey

Like a simple turn of the kaleidoscope, every combination of glaze, tile size, and tile pattern yields a unique design that’s as distinctive as the home it was created for. We talked to Fireclay Tile Creative Director Jamie Chappell and discovered exciting (and unexpected!) tile trends to consider for your beach house.

1. Funky tile shapes win on personality.

Wit & Delight

Hexagon and triangle tiles are a favorite with designers right now, notes Chappell. They're an easy way to give spaces a fashion-forward look that won't look dated in a matter of months. Of course, if you’re a die-hard traditionalist with a soft spot for the classics, says Chappell, you can never go wrong with tried-and-true square or rectangular tiles.

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2. Bold backsplashes work wonders in a kitchen.

Aubrey Torrey

Kitchens with airy, open shelving allow backsplashes to take center stage. If you love details inspired by far-flung destinations, Fireclay's got you covered with colorful handpainted tiles that are crafted with Mediterranean and Moroccan influences in mind.

3. Dreamy tiles are for more than sinks and showers.

Justina Blakeney

Using tile in place of brick or stone on a fireplace, for example, turns a mediocre mantel into a dramatic focal point. Similarly, installing beautiful, hand-painted tiles gives even the smallest spaces, like powder rooms or a bathroom niche, serious star power.

4. Saturated, dark glazes are having a moment.

Fireclay Tile

According to Fireclay’s past three annual trend reports, more color is always a good idea. And this year’s color crushes are nautical navy blues and deep hunter greens, says Chappell. Want to give that rich green an island twist? Fireclay’s jewel-toned Venetian Green glaze pairs well with natural elements, such as rattan and bamboo. 

Fireclay Tile

5. Recycled, American-made tile makes sustainability look good.

How’s this for natural beauty? Fireclay tiles are made from recycled granite dust, glass dust, and naturally occurring fireclay, so it’s an eco-friendly embellishment for your home. Plus, we love products that are made in the U.S.A.: Each Fireclay tile is handmade to order in Aromas, California.

Photos courtesy of Wit & Delight, Aubrey Torrey Photography, Justina Blakeney, and Fireclay Tile.