Meet the designer, project team, and developers behind the 2010 Seabrook Idea House.

By Coastal Living
September 17, 2010
Designer Tim Clarke
Lisa Romerein

Tim Clarke, Interior Designer 

Tim clarke Interior Design in Santa Monica, California. Known for his casual-chic spaces that juxtapose sleek and rustic finishes and have palettes inspired by the natural surroundings, Tim epitomizes contemporary coastal style. His firm offers everything from custom furniture design to interior architectural plans. Check out his shop, Tower 20, too; 310/452-8374 or

Lew Oliver and Raul Torres, Buildng Designers 
Wholetown Solutions in Roswell, Georgia. In addition to custom home designs that combine attention to historic detail with floor plans that suit modern life, Lew’s firm specializes in neighborhood and town planning. This thoughtful approach is evident in every choice, from durable but beautiful materials to pedestrian-friendly town plans; 770/643-3938 or

The Seabrook Team 
Town founder Casey Roloff and his team, Seabrook Construction Company (builder) and Stephen Poulakos (landscape designer), built our ultimate beach house in Seabrook, a new development on the Washington coast. (See “The Story of Seabrook,” page 58.) For more information contact the sales team; 360/276-0099 or