Bet you haven’t thought of these.

By Marisa Spyker
April 06, 2018
Photo: Tria Giovan; Stylist: CJ Sandgren

If you’re contemplating a home sale in the near distant future, chances are you’ve already mulled over possible upgrades that could make buyers want to throw some extra change your way. (Here are eight foolproof ideas.) But research from Zillow says there are other things that may make buyers want to empty their pockets—and they’re not exactly what you would expect. Here are four qualities you might be surprised to learn attract—or detract—people to and from a home.

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1. Your Proximity to a Starbucks

We all love our coffee, but buying a home based on how quickly you can get to the drive-through? … Wait, that actually sounds pretty smart. And, apparently, loads of people agree. A 2015 Zillow report found that, between 1997 and 2014, homes within a quarter-mile to a Starbucks increased in value by 96 percent. Compare that with the value increase for all US homes (65 percent) and the results are pretty clear: We all need our caffeine and we’re not afraid to pay for it.

Photographer: Annie Schlechter, Styling by: Matthew Gleason

2. The Color Blue, In General

We hate to brag, but we’ve known for a really long time how awesome this ocean-inspired shade is. For starters, it’s a subtle reminder of the Earth’s greatest asset (the sea, obviously). It also has the ability to calm the mind, say psychologists, and according to Zillow, if you splash your kitchen and bath in blue, it can potentially make your home worth thousands of dollars more (more than $5,000 for a blue bathroom!).

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Photo: Erica George Dines

3. Farmhouse Features

If not you, you probably know someone who’s a tad obsessed with Fixer Upper’s Chip and Joanna Gaines. The Waco, Texas, couple have put farmhouse style back in the spotlight, and it seems everyone wants a piece of it. A 2016 Zillow analysis examining listing descriptions found that homes with the words “farmhouse sink” or “barn door” in the summary sold faster and for a premium (as much 13.4 percent more than expected). 

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4. Your Proximity to a City

If you live anywhere near an urban area, you’re in luck: Zillow data reports that median home values near cities have increased 54 percent since 2012, compared with suburban areas, where the median home value is up 38 percent. But outside of cities, if you’re a coastal dweller at all, we don’t think you have much to worry about: A 2014 Zillow analysis found that waterfront homes are worth more than double the value of homes overall.