The lifestyle entrepreneur is famous for her recipes and design savvy—and now she’s sharing her organization secrets.

By Lauren Phillips
April 04, 2018

When it comes to creating (and, more importantly, maintaining) a flawless home, no one does it quite like Martha Stewart. The lifestyle entrepreneur is famous for her recipes, sense of style, business chops, and design savvy—and now she’s showing her fans how she keeps everything organized in her own home, with a recent peek inside her closet in Martha Stewart Living.

Of course her home closet is this stunning: It’s Martha Stewart, after all. Stewart recently did a major closet update, consolidating her entire (expansive) wardrobe into one bedroom of her New York home. Not everyone can spare a whole bedroom for use as a massive walk-in closet, but that doesn’t mean you can’t pull some inspiration from the tips and tricks Martha used to keep everything stylishly in order.

Add a Clothes-Folding Station

Yes, Stewart’s was made of marble, but regardless of the material, a tall, flat surface is a great element to add to any closet or laundry room (wherever you fold your clothes). It means you don’t have to hunch over while you pair all those socks, and it keeps your clean clothes off the floor (where this writer occasionally sits to fold her laundry. No one’s perfect, okay?). When not in use for folding clothes, this surface can play home to a jewelry box, a necklace organizer, or even that glass of water you try to keep on-hand at all times (because hydration is important).

Display Your Sweaters

You (hopefully) already know not to hang your sweaters up, but beyond that, figuring out where to store those chunky winter mainstays can be tricky. Stewart solved the problem—and added some color to her closet—by putting her folded sweaters on display in a glass-front case. Consider folding yours on a high shelf or tucking them into a closet organizer where they’re easy to see all winter long.

Color-Code Everything

No matter how much space you have—or how crammed full it is—if you organize your wardrobe by color, it will immediately look more organized and put-together. (You’ll also be able to find everything more easily.) Stewart does it consistently, with magnificent results.

Space It Out

This is for those with a little room to spare: Wherever possible, separate your clothing, even if it’s only by a centimeter. Putting a tiny bit of space between hanging items helps give your closet a feeling of airiness and makes things look intentional, rather than haphazard. Stewart also says that overcrowding your closet can cause unnecessary wrinkles.

Keep Your Most-Used Items Front and Center

Try to keep one shelf, hook, or hanging bar open for the mix of items you use most often—think handbags, totes, scarves, and even your regular pair of work shoes. You’ll be able to grab what you need and go in a flash, and you won’t have to dig through your neatly organized space to find your favorite clutch. Stewart keeps her most-used purses on a clearly visible shelf in her closet.

For more inside peeks at Martha Stewart’s closet, check out the full article in the April 2018 issue of Martha Stewart Living or on Martha Stewart Living’s website.

Courtesy of Martha Stewart Living

This story originally appeared on Real Simple.