You’ll be mesmerized by the footage.

By Stacey Leasca
April 16, 2018

There may be no better feeling than the satisfaction of a finished home renovation project. The sense of relief and accomplishment that follow months of planning, demo-ing, and rebuilding can be huge, even for the tiniest of updates. But if you’re not on the verge of finishing (or even starting!) your own makeover, we’re sharing footage of an especially tiny remodel that may provide just as much Zen.

This month, the good folks at SoFi, a financial startup, created a 90-second ad that stole the hearts of design lovers everywhere. Watch it here:

In the video, a dollhouse-sized kitchen that appears to be from the 1970s (and in desperate need of a refresh) is completely redone using appropriately sized tools: (miniature screwdrivers, tiny hammers, and pint-sized paintbrushes) to give it a thoroughly modern look.

And though the space is small, the effort behind the execution of this mesmerizing project was not.

"All of the floorboards were individually stained and laid. Cabinetry and furniture were hand-carved and then buffed and scratched to look worn,” Jannette Le, the architect behind the project, who worked with the viral ad agency Butterbar for the video, told AdWeek. “The marble countertops were hand-painted. We tried to use as many true-to-life materials as possible, to make it as realistic, so the doors are made a real wood, we used real wallpapering glue so that the peeling appeared authentic, and the floors were really made of vinyl."

In an equally entertaining behind-the-scenes video, the team presents an even deeper look at just how intricately they planned and produced the tiny kitchen transformation. Watch:

According to the video, it took the team three days to produce the end result, which would be our dream timeline for an actual kitchen remodel. (Most kitchen renovations take months—and cost between $25,000 and $50,000!) The team first crafted the perfect “before” kitchen and brought in a hand model who could perform all of the demo and construction.

After days of ripping up laminate floors, removing dated wallpaper, and installing sleek stainless steel appliances, it’s clear that the team knocked the renovation out of the park. Now if only we could hire this crew to tackle our beach house updates!

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