This trend really needs to spread. Fast.

By Marisa Spyker
June 22, 2018
Mike Sheridan/ Getty Images

Aside from sunscreen, what’s the next worst thing to forget to pack in your beach bag? If you ask us, we’d say a great book.

Which is precisely why we just about fell out of our beach chairs when we discovered the magic that is the beach library. (Seriously, why didn’t we think of this!?)

On the shores of Albena, a Bulgarian resort on the Black Sea Coast, a curved shelf—made from a material that’s resistant to sun and wind—houses more than 6,000 books in 15 languages. (It’s also resistant to rain thanks to a vinyl cover.) The library here operates on an honor system, so you can borrow a book for the length of your vacation and return it at the end. (You can also leave behind ones that you brought.)

But this beach library isn’t the only one that exists. Dubai has a couple, including one at the Ritz Carlton and another on Jumairah Beach with a sign next to it that encourages borrowers to share their finds on social media using the hashtag #beachlibrary. (The hashtag has more than 1,600 posts.)

Through the hashtag, we discovered others in Australia, Vietnam, and Peru (this one is built into the hull of a boat!)

After seeing these, we think every beach should have a #BeachLibrary on it—don’t you?

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