What’s the worst part of a beach trip? Finding a place to park. Thankfully, this app might solve all your parking woes.

By Lauren Phillips
May 02, 2017
Photo: Hero Images/Getty Images
Photo: Hero Images/Getty Images

When it comes to a beach trip, there’s a lot to love—beautiful weather, amazing views, cool water, fresh seafood, and the soothing sound of the sea, to name a few. In fact, the worst part of a beach trip might be actually getting to the beach … and finding a place to park once you’re there.

Who hasn’t spent long, hot minutes (or, if you’re really unlucky, even longer) searching for a parking spot at the beach? And then, even if you’ve woken up and loaded your car early enough to get a prime spot, you have to dig out enough coins for the parking meter, and the coins always seem to run out too soon.

If these hurdles keeping you from a day on the sand sound familiar, you’re in luck: This app could change all that.

Parkmobile, a mobile app for smartphones, makes it easy to park anywhere, but especially at the beach, where you just want to get out of the car and enjoy the sunshine as soon as possible. With the app, you can reserve spots ahead of time, pay with a credit card, and even add time to the meter without leaving your beach chair. No coins, no searching for a spot, no waiting!

Parkmobile is available in hundreds of locations around the country, including several beaches. Check the list, below, for your favorite beach, and prepare for your beach trip to get much, much easier.


ACE San Diego


Carmel by the Sea

Long Beach

Newport Beach

Santa Cruz


Bethany Beach

Dewey Beach


Rehoboth Beach




Ft. Lauderdale


Miami Beach

Palm Beach

St. Pete Beach

St. Petersburg

West Palm Beach

Delray Beach (coming in May)


Ocean City

New Jersey

Ocean City


Wildwood Crest

South Carolina

Hilton Head

Lanier Myrtle Beach Surface Lots

Myrtle Beach

Photo: Hero Images/Getty Images