Cold drinks, cool no-cook seafood, and shady ways to chill.

By Gayle Christopher
July 15, 2005

As the mercury rises, seeking ways to stay cool becomesparamount. The dog days of summer―from July toSeptember―were named for Sirius, the dog star, which risesand sets with the sun. We could take lessons from our caninefriends, who expertly seek shade, reduce effort, and find waterwhen the sun climbs high in the sky. For us, avoiding meals thatrequire a hot stove, sipping icy tropical drinks, and slipping intoa comfortable chair in the shade are means to a cool end. Trips tothe beach, with cooling winds and water to splash around in, are amust. To help you enjoy the lazy, hazy days of summer, we'vecollected some cool recipes that beat the heat.