Beach bums, meet the only towel you’ll ever need.

By Kimberly Holland
May 08, 2018

When it’s time to pick your next beach towel, the options are seemingly endless. From oversized beach blankets to ultra-plush designer brands, you can soak in the sun and put your toes in the sand on just about any type of towel you’d imagine. Picking the right one takes plenty of beach hours and lots of experience. Thankfully, we have a lot of that. We narrowed the choices down for you—and found the only beach towel you’ll want to buy.

The Dock & Bay Microfiber Beach Towel ($20-50, is a quick-absorbing and fast-drying towel that stores neatly and compactly in an aerated drawstring bag. It also comes in a variety of bold and vibrant cabana-style stripes.

Because bulky beach towels take up precious cargo space in totes and backpacks, we love how compact this towel can be. A large towel, which is 63 inches long and 31 inches wide, packs down to just eight inches by five inches. The extra-large option (78 inches-by-35 inches) is a svelte 10-by-6-inch pack when stashed away. The extra inches on these oversized towels make for comfortable lounging or cozy napping when you’re spread out on the sand.

What’s more, the quick-drying microfiber material air dries rapidly compared to traditional cotton beach towels. You can dry off, go for another dip, and come back to a towel that can still absorb sea water from your skin. Plus, the microfiber fabric doesn’t attract or hold sand. That means you don’t have to shake your towel vigorously before putting it in your car’s seat or wrapping it up when you head into the seafood shack.

The palette of seven bold colors—Bondi Blue, Boracay Yellow, Brighton Purple, Cancun Green, Ipanema Orange, Phi Phi Pink, and Waikiki Coral—are eye catching and always stylish. They’re also easy to spot on a beach crowded that’s with floral prints and solids.

With more than 450 reviews, this beach towel holds steady at an impressive 4.5 stars. That attests to how absorbent, versatile, and just plain fun this microfiber beach towel can be. Get a collection for your family in all the same color, or mix things up and let every little beach bum pick their favorite shade.

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