Still stumped on what to dress up as this year? These ocean-inspired getups are guaranteed to make a splash at any Halloween celebration. 

By Coastal Living
October 30, 2018
Courtesy oldbay_seasoning via Instagram; Courtesy jessie_odonnell via Instagram

Last-minute hack: Grab a clear or white opaque umbrella and hang ribbon or streamers from the edges.

Tiki Drink
Embrace the tropics with an ode to its most famous beverage. Do we need another excuse to drink Mai Tais all night?

Jack Sparrow
If you’ve ever wanted an excuse to step into the boots of everyone’s favorite rum-guzzling pirate, here it is.

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She Sells Seashells
Put that shell collection to good use in this witty take on the classic tongue twister.

Pina Colada
While it’d be cute as a couple’s costume, too, who can resist this pint-sized rendition of the classic beachy sipper?

Lobster and Old Bay
There’s no better match for a briny crustacean than a few shakes of Old Bay.

Avocado Toast
“I just can’t resist an avocado!” Gisele captioned the Instagram post she shared of her and hubby Tom Brady last year. We couldn’t agree more.

Tom Hanks and Wilson from Castaway
If you’re going to play the part of a person shipwrecked on an island, there isn’t a more iconic character than Tom Hanks’ role in Castaway. (In this case, his little sidekick will undoubtedly steal the show.)

Surfer Attacked by a Shark
While statistically attacks on surfers are extremely rare, this two-person (or person plus adorable pet) costume is a beachy classic.

Hawaiian Punch
Dust off that old Hawaiian shirt and lei from last year’s getup and add a pair of boxing gloves for a last-minute costume that’s cute and clever.