Five Coastal Living readers tell us how they captured the images that stood out among thousands of worthy entries.

By Katie Finley
July 26, 2007
Cathy Cunniff

These stunning scenes epitomize the daily surprises that make life along the coast so remarkable.

"We were paddling on this great Block Island salt pond that was so peaceful and quiet. The greens made the ideal camouflage for me to come right up to egrets and other birds without disturbing them. Dragonflies loved the color of the kayak so much they kept landing all around me."

Grand Prize: Cathy Cunniff
Title: Green Day
Location: Block Island, Rhode Island
Winner of: A five-night prize package for two with accommodations provided by Wailea Beach Mariott Resort & Spa in Maui, Hawaii

"Highway 30-A is a photographer's paradise. When I saw this spectacular sunset, I pulled over immediately to capture it. Everybody's had those moments where they've seen something amazing and thought, 'I wish I had my camera.' Luckily, on this February day, I did."

First Runner-up: Rob Koehnemann
Title: Moonrise Over Camp Creek
Location: Walton County, Florida

"I moved to Hawaii with my family last June. This was taken on an August day when my husband told me he'd watch the kids so I could go sit on the beach. I picked a quiet, shady spot under these two palm trees. When I looked up and saw the sky, I had to take the picture. Unfortunately, the spot wasn't so shady―I got one of the worst sunburns of my life that day!"

Second Runner-up: Susan Carver
Title: Bright Shade
Location: White Plains Beach, Oahu, Hawaii

"I have this theory that everyone's either a water person or a land person―I'm definitely a water person. We go to Maui every year because we live in Olympia, Washington, and it rains all the time! I love this beach in particular because it's one of the best windsurfing beaches in the world. I was really struck by this surfer carrying his sail out of the sea."

Third Runner-up: Laurie Barnoski
Title: A Perfect Day
Location: Maui, Hawaii

"My boyfriend and I paddled out to this part of the cove, and as the water widened, we saw the unbelievable view. I actually stood up in the bow of our dory to frame the reflection in the water. We live in the second-largest city in Rhode Island, but we felt like the only two humans on Earth."

Fourth Runner-up: Lynn Corey
Title: Imagine
Location: Warwick, Rhode Island