By Chandler Stroman
January 21, 2016

Whether celebrating a wedding, birthday, or a just because gathering, party favors are always fun for both the giver and receiver! The best kind of favor? The kind that lasts. Earlier this week, we stumbled upon a Long Beach blogger who has mastered this traditional party etiquette with these coastal chic muslin bags that are sure to last (and impress).

These are the basic materials you'll need to get started (below). Streamline your look, or mix it up with different colors and stamps!

And voila! This is your final product:

Blogger Jen Carreiro is a true lover of all things weddings and do-it-yourself projects, and she combines these two passions through her blog, Something TurquoiseHead on over there for the full party favor how-to! Happy crafting!

Images courtesy of Something Turquoise

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