It’s also environmentally friendly, with a built-in system to skim the waters for trash.

By Marisa Spyker
February 28, 2018
Courtesy of Aquatic Architects Design Studio

There are lots of theories as to why being out on the water makes you ravenous. (Is it the sun? The swimming? The nostalgia for those soggy PB&Js you had as a kid?)

But, unless you’re a gourmet picnic packer, your only dining option—short of leaving the water—is likely warm carrots and soggy PB&Js (decidedly a lot less appealing than you remember).

But one of the world’s first floating food trucks wants to change that. Meet Salt Bay, a sustainable, buoyant kitchen in Dubai that delivers by jet-ski (obviously) a hot meal straight to your yacht. (The yacht-less can also swim or kayak up to the boat to place their orders.)  

Courtesy of Aquatic Architects Design Studio

Salt Bay—no affiliation to internet sensation Salt Bae—is built on the design of architect Ahmed Youssef’s Aqua Pod, a floating construction that runs on electricity and diesel. In addition to serving up food from its fully outfitted onboard kitchen, the Aqua Pod is designed to skim trash from the water’s surface, making it a savior to both the ocean and to starving boaters.

Salt Bay launched in early February serving gourmet burgers, though plans to branch out into pizza and dessert are in the works (be still, our hearts).

And while the floating food truck isn’t exactly de rigueur just yet, we—and the ocean—have high hopes it’ll make its way to the States soon enough.

Courtesy of Aquatic Architects Design Studio
Courtesy of Aquatic Architects Design Studio

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