There’s a freezer aisle staple you should be adding instead, according to some cocktail pros.

By Marisa Spyker
March 27, 2018
Getty Images

Here’s a PSA for time-crunched coastal hosts who love a good frozen marg: If you’ve been abiding by the rule that fresh is always best, it might be time to squash that belief for good.

According to the Huffington Post, when it comes to the best-tasting blended beverages, your cocktails might be better served sans fresh-squeezed juice.

The rule rings particularly true with margaritas: Lime juice, according to the story, is made up of mostly water and therefore has a subtle taste that won’t stand up to all that extra ice inside a frozen drink. The icy temps also dull the flavors, “largely because the aromatic molecules that constitute that flavor can’t go airborne and travel into your nose at low temperatures.”

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The fail-proof solution? Instead of fresh juice, hit the frozen aisle for a can of packaged limeade concentrate. The flavor-packed mix is the perfect balance of sweet and tart, and it’s bold enough to counter the extra water inside a frozen drink.

Coastal Living Food and Wine Editor Chris Hughes agrees, adding that—should you want to stick with the fresh variety—you’ll need to amp up the amount considerably and add sweetener: “The sheer amount of ice it takes to make a frozen drink demands either a concentrate or a ton of fresh juice bolstered by simple syrup,” he says. “Without, it’ll just be watery.”

To make the cocktail, add to the blender ice, concentrate, and a little (or a lot!) of tequila and orange liqueur, and you have yourself a tasty beach-ready beverage—all in a lot less time than it would take to fresh squeeze limes.

And the added bonus? Less time in the kitchen means more time on the sand. Done, and done. Now pass the blender!