And you can visit.

By Marisa Spyker
December 10, 2018
Christmas in Evergreen: Letters to Santa
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It’s that time of year again where we all stop and fantasize about living our best lives in a Hallmark Christmas movie—the one where Santa discreetly makes miracles happen in your ultra-festive tiny hometown. (And, P.S: His son is good-looking and single.)

In reality, we (sadly) can’t all live in a Hallmark movie, but we can pay a visit to the adorable places they’re filmed in. And, despite not being the exact storybook small towns they claim to be, they happen to have something else going for them: They’re equally as beautiful and just a stone’s throw from the Pacific coast.

Take the tiny village of Evergreen, Vermont, for instance, the idyllic setting for the Hallmark film Christmas in Evergreen. While Evergreen is indeed a fictional town, its real-life filming location happens to be an equally charming village in British Columbia. Just 15 minutes from Vancouver, the Burnaby Village Museum in the city of Burnaby is a heritage village designed to mimic the early history of the Canadian province. With a general store, ice cream parlour, and old-fashioned trolley, it’s made for holiday photo opps (and Christmas miracles, too).  

But that’s not all the Hallmark-approved charm in the Vancouver vicinity. Just north of the city at the tip of the island-dotted Howe Sound awaits adorable downtown Squamish. The picturesque village, with its backdrop of towering mountains, was the perfect setting for the 2016 flick Christmas Cookies, in which a woman attempts to shut down a small-town cookie factory before (surprise!) falling in love with its owner.

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It’s not just small towns that lay the perfect groundwork for Christmas romance. One of the latest films from the Hallmark holiday fleet, Mingle All the Way, follows two busy young professionals in an undisclosed city that appears to be in the Pacific Northwest. In reality, love blossoms for the two characters in none other than downtown Vancouver.

Anyone else think it might be time to jet off to British Columbia for the holidays?