Bring the spa experience home.

By Maddy Zollo
July 11, 2018
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From peep-toe espadrilles to strappy gladiators, summer shoe wardrobes consist of a variety of toe-baring styles. However, nothing ruins a cute sandal faster than a bad polish job or dry, cracked heels. That’s why it’s important to get into a regular pedicure routine to keep your heels, soles, and toes in tip-top shape.

While you can’t go wrong booking a salon pedi, a DIY treatment works just as well—and it’s a big money saver (so you can stash away those extra bucks for a few more days at the beach). Follow these six steps for an at-home pampering pedicure. It’s a guaranteed way to keep your feet looking fresh all summer long.


A good at-home pedicure should start with a cooling, essential oil soak,” says nail expert Geraldine Holford. While she likes using a few drops of geranium oil for well-being, any oil that relaxes your senses will get the job done.


After soaking for about five minutes, begin to gently buff away calluses with a callus stone like Tweezerman’s ($6, Then massage on a sugar scrub. “This gets rid of any dead skin and enables your moisturizer to work effectively,” Holford says.

Prep Nails

Use an orange wood stick ($1.50, to clean the cuticles. File and lightly buff toenails with a soft buffing block like this Three-Sided Manicure Block ($1,

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Moisturize with a soothing, luxurious lotion like Dermelect Runway Ready Luxury Foot Treatment ($25,,” Holford says. “It’s super hydrating and the peppermint gives your feet a tingly sensation.”


Clean off any leftover moisturizer from nails with a lint-free wipe soaked with acetone or alcohol. Polish won’t stick to the oily lotion. After applying a base coat, paint on two thin coats of color polish. Finish with a top coat, like Zoya Armor Top Coat ($10,, the protects against fading from the sun.


Now that your feet are flip-flop ready, keep them looking fresh with regular maintenance.

“My secret weapon for keeping my feet looking groomed at all times are baby wipes! I am never without a travel pack in my bag and take time to clean my feet a couple of times a day during the summer when I’m wearing sandals,” Holford says.

She also suggests lightly buffing heels daily while showering to keep roughness at bay and to ensure your moisturizer is able to penetrate skin.