And lived out the lyrics to one of his songs.

By Marisa Spyker
September 13, 2018
2010 Getty Images
Rick Diamond/Getty Images

While much of coastal South Carolina makes a beeline inland, everyone’s favorite beach bum-musician appears to have stayed behind in the name of good surf.

On Wednesday, Jimmy Buffet posted a photo on his Instagram on Folly Beach, with one hand propping up a longboard and the other held up in the “hang loose” symbol.

In the caption, the 71-year-old singer wrote “I ain’t afraid of dying I got no need to explain I feel like going surfing in a hurricane.”

If the rhyme sounds familiar, congratulations: You’re a devout Parrothead. “Surfing in a Hurricane” is the ninth track on Buffet’s 2009 album Buffet Hotel. In the tune, Buffet sings about living on the edge—and catching waves before a powerful storm rolls in is certainly a good way of doing that.

But, while Buffet was all smiles in his surf-centric photo, he made a point to acknowledge the gravity of the situation. “On a serious note,” he said, “respect mother nature, please be safe and listen to your local authorities.”

We hope Buffet heeded that advice and is riding out the storm somewhere safe—cool drink in hand, of course.

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