Let's just say you won't be needing that Hallmark card.

By Marisa Spyker
February 09, 2018
Pellier Photography
Courtesy of the Conrad Dublin Hotel

If you’re looking to woo your sweetheart, you can count on hotels to offer a lot of support: champagne for toasting, chocolate-covered strawberries for sweetening the evening, couples massages for unwinding ... the list goes on. 

And if you can’t quite find the right words to express your loving feelings? Yup, the Conrad Dublin will do that, too.

Guests staying at the hotel on Valentine’s Day have special access to the resident Limerick Butler, whose job is to craft custom love poems from an old-fashioned typewriter.

Courtesy of the Conrad Dublin Hotel

To participate, love birds just need to provide three words of inspiration to the butler, who whips up a one-of-a-kind poem for the couple on the spot. The cost for such a special souvenir? Absolutely free (provided you are a hotel or restaurant guest).

Limericist Stephen Clare approached the hotel with the unique idea in 2016, and since then has provided his services for different occasions.

So even if you can’t make it across the pond for the big day, it’s worth keeping tabs on the Conrad and its limerick butler. Besides, Dublin's charming cobblestoned streets and beautiful beaches make for a romantic escape year-round. 

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