Along with several others that are going to z any beach lover’s day.

By Marisa Spyker
February 13, 2018

If you live in Maine, or are simply an aficionado of its official state crustacean, major heart eyes are in order.


In a big win for the lobster-rich state—and its Senator Angus King—the clawed creature will finally be joining the ranks of happy faces, avocados, and crabs as an emoji in 2018. And Mainers are thrilled to say the least.

The big push for the lobster emoji started with Maine native and Luke’s Lobster owner Luke Holden, who created a petition last year to draw attention to the cause. His efforts were backed by Maine Senator Angus King, who penned a letter to the Unicode Consortium—the official governing body of emojis—in September lobbying for the crustacean.

Their wishes will finally be answered in June when the lobster joins the emoji sea of creatures including a whale, squid, shark, shrimp, and puffer fish. Before the lobster makes its way to the keyboard, however, it appears it'll need an anatomical adjustment--namely, a pair of legs.

In addition to the lobster, 156 more emojis will be introduced this year, ranging from a woman superhero to a “woozy face.” Along with the lobster, we’re particularly excited about these much-needed coastal symbols.


Meet the mango, the lotion (we’re calling it suntan) bottle, the parrot, the compass, and the pirate flag, and see the full list of emojis here.

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