Elegant boho style reigns supreme in this breezy collection.

By Rachael Burrow
February 15, 2018
Courtesy of Nazanin Rose Matin

Nazanin Rose Matin, a resort wear brand full of punchy pieces, has captured our imaginations with its inspiring color palettes and timeless patterns. If you’re looking for a kaftan or kimono for your next vacation, this brand creates investment pieces that you will want to wear for years to come. We caught up with the designer to hear about her process and latest inspiration.

Courtesy of Nazanin Rose Matin

Coastal Living: How did you get started in fashion design?

Nazanin Rose Matin: My first experience was at Alexander McQueen, which was an incredible lesson in sophisticated fabrics and colors. 
I then spent seven years in Paris working for luxury houses Christian Lacroix, Kenzo, and Celine. While I learned a great deal about creativity in London, working for these Parisian fashion houses taught me all about luxury. I designed prints and textiles across accessories and women’s wear, and I was also responsible for production. This meant many trips to the suppliers in Italy, which gave me a broader perspective on design.

CL: What made you choose to focus on resort wear?

NRM: I’ve always liked the fact that resort wear intimately relates to the fond memories of being on holiday. Nazanin Rose Matin is a contemporary resort wear brand that designs season-less clothes that are not trend-driven, which simplifies the art of dressing. The pieces are timeless and versatile and can be worn from day to night.

Courtesy of Nazanin Rose Matin

CL: What inspires your relaxed, bohemian designs?

NRM: I am inspired by everyday life - art, architecture, movies, old magazines, books, nature, and of course, flea markets - they’re a great source of inspiration. I also love travelling and discovering different cultures and places.

CL: What is your favorite place to holiday? How does it inform your work?

NRM: Hawaii, for it’s stunning scenery and nature.

Courtesy of Nazanin Rose Matin

CL: We love how much color and pattern you use in your designs. What is your process when it comes to choosing color palettes?

NRM: It’s very instinctual. I’ve always been drawn to color and pattern. Nature has a great color palette as a source of inspiration, from the burnt oranges in sunsets to the azure blues of the ocean.

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CL: What piece of yours are you wearing most this season?

NRM: My favorite pieces are the pleated dresses and silk kimonos, which can be worn during the transition from the beach to sunset cocktails.

CL: How you would describe your personal style?

NRM: Eclectic chic.

Courtesy of Nazanin Rose Matin

CL: Where is somewhere you would like to explore that you think could be inspiring for your work?

NRM: Bali and Japan.

CL: What is your favorite vacation cocktail?

NRM: A mojito!