Designer Anthony Baratta of Anthony Baratta LLC in New York City chats about floors, favorites, and more.

By Stephanie Gibson
September 13, 2012
Photo: Andrea Fazzari

"The best thing about working on the coast? Eating at great seafood restaurants—and being invited aboard my clients' boats!"
—Anthony Baratta

What's everyone doing in their coastal homes this fall?
AB: I'm using a lot of white painted floors. They have an uplifting quality, especially in rooms with low ceilings—they absolutely revive a boring space.

Design confession?
AB: I love anything kitschy! Driftwood lamps or nautical pieces like ship's wheels and ropes that others would pass by for being too themey.

Preferred style of rug in a seaside home?
AB: Simple braided ones.

What's your absolute favorite room to decorate on the coast?
AB: A screened porch! I love that you can use relaxed furniture like wicker, Adirondack chairs, and flea market finds. Screened porches should always have a seasonal feel.

Keep buying new...
AB: Collectibles. I started with lighthouses when I was 20 years old and never stopped. Now, the ones I found first are still my favorites.

But replace...
AB: Sheets. They do not wear well at the beach. I get a fresh set for each bedroom every season.