Designer Jill Goldberg of Hudson Interiors in Boston shares trade secrets, design ideas, and decor tips.

By Stephanie Gibson
January 07, 2013
Photo: Eric Roth

"I adore the time when I sit down to interpret a client's vision— just me, my ideas, and a burst of creative energy."
—Jill Goldberg

Where's your first stop when you're scoping out a coastal town?
JG: I always try to find an undiscovered vintage store where I can spend money on an unexpected treasure. I can't name what I'm looking for in advance, but I always know it when I see it!

Describe your favorite beach color palette.
JG: I love light tones of white, taupe, green, and coral. The colors remind me of the sky and sea, but in a newer way than blue.

What's the first thing you do when redesigning a beach house that isn't new construction?
JG: Paint, paint, paint! Paint the walls, paint the floors, paint old furniture. It's like having a fresh, blank canvas.

How do you keep the element of surprise alive in a beach house?
JG: Industrial details— an old factory light fixture above the dining table, or a reclaimed factory wheel placed on the living room wall as art. I think most people are expecting to see driftwood and seashells ... I don't want to be most people.

You're watching the sunset at the beach. What's in your glass?
JG: Hendricks gin and diet tonic

I can't get enough ___.
JG: Sisal! A great Merida sisal rug adds the perfect coastal-chic complement to any room or, even better, a set of stairs.