See how the singer-songwriter celebrates sunshine, family, and home, and then get in the spirit by watching her music video.

By Jennifer Brunnemer Slaton
October 25, 2013
Caillat at home. Below: Surfin’ Santa ornament; A woven crustacean ornament, which Caillat calls “my own beachy style”
Photo: David Tsay

Grammy-winning singer-songwriter Colbie Caillat may have just released her brand new fourth album, but it’s last year’s irresistibly catchy song Christmas in the Sand (Watch the music video below!) has become an anthem for celebrating sunny holidays by the sea.

“Spending Christmas in Southern California, I enjoy being able to look outside and see a clear blue sky and be in comfortable clothes, not frozen and bundled up,” says Caillat, who lives in Los Angeles’s Westlake Village. “And every Christmas song is about snow. I wanted to write a song about how people in warm places spend their holidays.”

Raised in Southern California, Caillat has plenty of experience celebrating under balmy skies: Her parents and sister live only about 10 minutes away, and they get together nearly every weekend during December when she’s not on tour, taking turns hosting at each other’s homes. Since moving into her own place a few years ago, she’s come to treasure decorating in her own style:

“I like cute, beachy Christmas decor—not just red and green, but adding some beachy color tones to the Christmas spirit,” says the laid-back singer, who collects ornaments for her tree ranging from the “old-school” ones her grandparents gifted her as a kid (always with the year recorded on the back) to a wicker lobster she picked up at Target, the kind of thing she likes to keep out all year long.

Watch Caillat's Christmas in the Sand music video!