Artist Judy Ann MacMillan captures the island on canvas. Here's a sampling of her work.

By Annie S. Butterworth
December 12, 2007
Courtesy Judy Ann MacMillan

An avid painter since the age of 4, artist (and new member ofthe Caribbean Hall of Fame) Judy Ann MacMillan is an expert atcapturing every aspect of coastal culture, from the free-spiritedpeople of Kingston to the relaxing blue-green waves of theCaribbean Sea.

Judy Ann's fascination with Jamaica reflects her emotionalconnection to the island. She finds childhood memories in the facesof the people and in the natural beauty of the place. "Painting hasbecome the way I express and live my life," she says. "I never knowwhether painting filled my life because it was empty, or if Iemptied my life in order for painting to fill it.