The New York interior designer shares her tips for collected spaces and elegant style.

By Madeleine Frank
May 19, 2015

The New York interior designer shares her tips for collected spaces and elegant style.

Photo: Patrick Cline

What do you think is the most important step when composing a room?
JW: Taking away a few things! Sometimes good design is more about editing than adding. Too many accessories can detract from the room, rather than enhance it.

What kinds of accessories do you like to incorporate into beach homes?
JW: I grew up at the beach and have always loved collecting, so I put natural things like shells, coral, and driftwood on display. Petrified-wood stumps make great casual side tables.

Do you have any tricks for livening up a dining room?
JW: Pairing host chairs with side chairs in a contrasting style makes the space look more distinctive.

What would you say is an essential piece of living room furniture?
JW: I love to place a gorgeous console table behind the sofa, especially if the back of the sofa would be the first thing in your line of sight when you walk into the room.

How do you make a petite kitchen feel light and airy?
JW: If the sink doesn't face a window, I use an antique mirror as a backsplash to bounce light around and give the space some depth.

Any advice for arranging art on a gallery wall?
JW: Start with one large piece, and then build out from there organically. Spacing frames at varying distances apart creates an authentic and collected feel. —Madeleine Frank

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