Say what?

By Marisa Spyker
June 26, 2018
enviromantic/ Getty Images

We’re going to go out on a limb here and say that if Coastal Living had an official fruit, it may very well be the pineapple. (Exhibits A, B, C … we could do laps around the alphabet, to be honest.)

And as if we weren’t already obsessed with this tropical fruit in our cocktails and in lieu of Christmas trees, here’s another smart—and very eco-friendly—way to use pineapples: Wear ‘em.

How does that work? Just ask the crew at Piñatex, who’ve managed to create a leather-alternative textile out of (often discarded) pineapple leaves. To make the material, long fibers from the waste leaves are extracted and turned into a non-woven mesh that, when fully processed, is “soft and flexible, yet very durable,” says the website.

The latest get might be the sustainable company’s biggest yet—a partnership with fashion giant Hugo Boss. The brand recently released a limited-edition line of mens’ sneakers made from Piñatex, recycled plastic, organic cotton, and natural plant-based dyes. The sharp-looking kicks, which come in four colors, are priced at $348 a pair.

Now all we really need is a pair of flip flops made from pineapples and we’re set.

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