The predictions are in.

By Mary Tomlinson
January 26, 2018
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From the moment Prince Harry and Meghan Markle announced their engagement, one question has been on everyone’s mind: Where will the newlyweds honeymoon? With past royal honeymoons spanning the globe from Mediterranean cruises to Australian adventures, the newest royal couple have a lot to live up to. But the British Army Captain and American actress have already trotted the globe both together and on their own, leaving the soon-to-be royal couple many potential honeymoon hideaways.

The Seychelles
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The Seychelles

Prince William and Kate Middleton, George and Amal Clooney, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie—the star-studded Seychelles are as well known for their prestige as they are for their white-sand beauty. After the hustle and bustle of a royal wedding with the whole world watching, escaping to this far-flung archipelago in the middle of the Indian Ocean surrounded only by brilliant blue seas is a perfect counterpoint.

A reflective blue lake in Northern Norway's fjord land
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After stepping into the spotlight as an official couple, the two snuck away to the northern outpost of Tromvik to view the Northern Lights and whale watch. The remote allure of either their former haunt or the romance of Norway’s dramatic fjords are tailor-made for honeymooning. 

Lover's Beach on the Island of Nevis
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Prince Harry first visited the Montpelier Plantation and Beach Resort on the island as a child with Princess Diana, giving it major sentimental points. But the real romantic cherry on top of this honeymoon contender? On a 2016 royal tour of the Caribbean, the redheaded royal visited a secluded beach on the island to release baby turtles into the sea. The name of the beach? Lovers Beach, of course. 

The Amalfi Coast

The Amalfi Coast

Meghan’s already taken a girls trip to Positano and Capri—why not use that travel knowledge for a honeymoon destination? Harry and Meghan will fit right in with the glamorous crowds of Italy’s glitziest coast, but can easily sneak away for some alone time by hiking along the seaside cliffs or unwinding on the pebbly beaches.

Moremi National Park, Botswana


The wild heart of Africa has been a part of Meghan and Harry’s courtship since the beginning. Mere weeks after their first blind date in 2016, the couple spent a week in Botswana camping under the stars. They later returned for a three-week trek to Victoria Falls, and her engagement ring even features a diamond sourced from Botswana. The lush landscapes, teeming wildlife, and nostalgic factor of Botswana have “honeymoon potential” written all over them.

Jamaica's West End coastline
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Meghan accompanied Harry to Montego Bay, Jamaica for the wedding of his close friend Tom Inskip less than a year ago, leaving memories of lush tropical gardens and luxurious beachside cottages fresh in their minds. This laid-back island boasts cascading waterfalls, delightful cuisine, and expansive beaches ideal for a tropical and tranquil honeymoon.

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Gorillas in Rwanda
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Rwanda is one of many locations where Meghan has done humanitarian work—she visited in 2016 as a World Vision Global Ambassador to oversee a clean water project. But the small African nation has become a sought-after adventure-tourism hotspot, offering gorilla-watching tours in the Virunga Volcanoes and rainforest hiking near Lake Kivu perfect for the adventurous couple.

View Of English Harbor, Antigua
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When Harry visited Antigua in 2016 on royal business, the Prime Minister of the island nation teased the prince that he and his new girlfriend should honeymoon on the petit island—and who can say no to the enamel blue water and quaint, colorful villages of Antigua? Though the island wasn’t badly damaged by last September’s barrage of hurricanes—it was open a mere four days after Irma—they’re still working to bring tourists back to their dreamy shores. Given Harry and Meghan’s humanitarian work, it wouldn’t be surprising to see the two encourage tourism to the Caribbean paradise.