Waterproof, lightweight, and washable, this chic beach tote is the perfect summer accessory.

By Kimberly Holland
July 03, 2018
Courtesy of Bogg Bag

A run-of-the-mill tote can take a beating at the beach. Sand and water can make their way into—and ruin—any number of bags, not to mention cell phones, car keys, and books you keep hidden inside them.

The Bogg Bag ($65, boggbag.com) changes all of that. With its sturdy, tip-proof base, waterproof and washable material, and comfortable straps, you can load up your tote, use it all day, and then hose it out for a sand-free start to your next stay by the shore.

Available in two sizes, the large (19-by-15-by-9.5 inches) is spacious enough to carry just about anything you’d need by the sea (save a cooler or surfboard). It’s also a great size for any soccer game, picnic, boat ride, or adventure you find yourself on over the weekend. The small Bogg Bag ($45, amazon.com), 15 by 13 by 5.25 inches, is great for lesser loads, younger beach goers who want their own bag, or just a day out at the pool or spa.

The breathable bag lets air in, but the wide bottom around the base keeps sand out. The ribbed bottom also keeps the tote from slipping and sliding on washroom floors or slippery poolside surfaces. The large Bogg Bag comes with three clear accessory bags so you can have an extra layer of protection around electronics, credit cards, or anything else you need to safeguard from the elements. (The small tote has one accessory bag.)

Courtesy of Bogg Bags

If you want other accessory bags, the company offers several inserts, including a cooler option. We really love the adorable clear designer zipper inserts with nautical prints like pineapples, seahorses, and anchors ($13, boggbag.com). Even when not in use with the Bogg Bag, they’re adorable for toting small items.

With 18 colors, you can match your tote to your swimsuit, or go wild with a fun, bold color. We love the bright and cheerful Yellow-there and the grassy Green with Envy. If you’d like to a sleeker option with a chic color, Bogg Bag has plenty to offer you for a sophisticated flare—For Shore White is elegant and simple.

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After you’ve returned from the water, simply empty your bag, hose it out, and let it dry before you repack for the next day. The waterproof material doesn’t absorb any water, so you can actually repack right away if you want.