All proceeds from the limited-edition bikes go toward sea turtle conservation.

By Marisa Spyker
June 11, 2019
Marni Rothschild Pictures/Courtesy Timbers Kiawah

If you’ve ever witnessed a majestic sea turtle on a snorkeling excursion or glimpsed a hatchling making its way to the surf, you know how magical the experience can be.

You also, unfortunately, can consider yourself lucky. These docile giants are endangered worldwide, facing threats from things like fishing net entanglement, ocean pollution, and predators.  

Hatchlings, especially, are vulnerable to the latter, which is precisely where organizations like the Kiawah Island Turtle Patrol come in. Along this pristine stretch of South Carolina coastline live some 400 nests holding more than 100 eggs each. And thanks to the volunteer patrol program that’s been running since 1972, approximately 75 percent of the hatchlings on Kiawah Island will make it from nest to ocean. (That’s compared to the less than 10 percent that would make it sans support.)

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With nesting season in full swing, there’s no better time to do our part to help this population of sea turtles—specifically threatened loggerheads, which are found along the south Atlantic—thrive. While volunteering is certainly an option, Timbers Kiawah—a fractional ownership property with 21 luxury residences—has hatched its own genius plan.

In partnership with southern retailer and golfer favorite Peter Millar, the community is releasing a limited edition set of beach cruisers with a signature blue-on-blue turtle print. Available for kids and adults alike, the adorable rides are priced at $1,200, 100 percent of which goes toward Kiawah’s Turtle Patrol program.

Marni Rothschild Pictures/Courtesy Timbers Kiawah

Whether you live on Kiawah Island or not, we can’t think of a better summer investment. Beach towns, of course, are best explored on two wheels (bonus points if your wheels are splashed in a super cute, coastal print). But, even more importantly, the investment goes toward a good cause—making sure generations after us have the opportunity to experience these magical sea creatures, too.

Ready to score a sweet new summer ride? The limited edition turtle print beach cruisers can be purchased through Timbers Kiawah by calling 843.300.1646.