We've compiled our staff's collective experiences into this special section presenting the attractions and drawbacks of living in each coastal region. Our complete guide helps narrow the options.

By Coastal Living
March 11, 2004
Deborah Whitlaw Llewellyn

Plaintively, a Massachusetts reader e-mails one of the mostcommon questions we get here at the magazine: "Where can one liveon coastal USA year-round where the summers are not too humid orplagued with mosquitoes? Where the winters never see snow and don'tdrop below freezing? Where your home isn't threatened byhurricanes, mud slides, or earthquakes? Where access to an airportfor business travel is within an hour's drive? Where schools arewonderful and living is a small-town affair? Does such a placeexist, and if so will you share this gem with me?"

Sure, it exists. But you have to die to get there, and you mustlive a very good life in the meantime.

As for this earth, we agree the coast comes as close as we'regoing to get to paradise. We've compiled our staff's collectiveexperiences into this special section presenting theattractions―and drawbacks―of living in each coastalregion. Our friends at Money magazine have even contributed some practicalfinancial advice to keep your dreams grounded in reality.

Somewhere in here lies your gem. If you find it, send us yournew address so you won't miss an issue.