Get the inside scoop on living in Bandon.

By John Doerper
March 31, 2004

Setting: Bandon lies 236 miles southwest of Portland, 130miles southwest of Eugene, and 89 miles north of theOregon-California state line.

The Attractions: Small-town ambience thrives in a gloriousnatural setting. A great variety of activities abound, frombeachcombing to boating, fishing to hiking, surfing to stormwatching. Crabbing, mushrooming, and berry picking are seasonalpursuits. Residents are friendly, casual, and welcoming to visitorsand newcomers.

The Drawbacks: Few well-paying jobs exist. The setting isfar from major metropolitan centers, though the Coos Bay/North Bendmetro area, 26 miles north, has major shops and departmentstores.

Housing Options: Modest older homes provide one, two, orthree bedrooms. Small, inexpensive cabins dot the woods. Houses onthe bluffs and in the dunes near the ocean are indemand―especially those with spectacular views of thesea.

Your Next-door Neighbors: A sculptor, a bookworm, a retiredengineer, a logger, a fisherman, a retired college professor. About2,800 people live in town, with a total of about 5,500 in town andthe outlying communities combined.

What It Costs: A small number of cabins and cottages (mostof them upriver or in the woods) can be found for less than$100,000. Older houses in town run from $100,000 to $200,000. Largehouses on the bluffs and in the dunes near the ocean run from$300,000 to $600,000 and higher, depending on size, quality ofview, and beach access.

Where You'd Spend Free Time: On the beach or in the woods bythe Coquille River. Meeting friends at Bandon Baking Co. and Deli,the Station Restaurant, the Arcade Tavern, or the WheelhouseRestaurant and Crowsnest Lounge. Watching the sunset from SouthJetty Beach, Coquille Point, or Lord Bennett's restaurant. Buyingcheese at Bandon Cheese Factory, bread from Bandon Gourmet, andfresh fish or crab at Bandon Bay Fisheries. Golfing at Bandon DunesResort or the Face Rock Golf Course.

(published 2001)