Real life in Neskowin

By Coastal Living
May 13, 2004
Real life in Neskowin
Real life in Neskowin

Setting: On Oregon's north-central coast, Neskowin occupiesa narrow strip of land that runs parallel to Highway 101 for about4 miles. The heart of town stretches a half-mile between thehighway and the Pacific.

Attractions: Absence of tourist traps; an excellent privateschool (Neskowin Valley School); Sitka Center; breathtakingcoastline freckled with stumps of 2,000-year-old trees; easy accessto Portland and to Oregon's wine country.

Drawbacks: Variable weather that tends toward rain ninemonths of the year; powerful winter storms (which many localsenjoy); an unexceptional public school system; and very littlenightlife. The nearest town is 15 minutes by car.

Housing Options: Neskowin is divided into four main areas:The Village, where families live in charming cottages, many of themwith picket fences, bright paint, and easy beach access; the hills,on the eastern side of 101, where homes have more acreage andhigh-top vistas; South Beach, with its Proposal Rock views, wheremany of the upscale developments are sited; and the north end oftown, near the marsh, where homes may not have beach access but areslightly more affordable. There are no apartment rentals inNeskowin.

What It Costs: Cottages (1920s to 1960s) in The Village sellfor $180,000 for a fixer-upper to $500,000 for a remodeled house.South Beach homes cost from $300,000 for an ocean view to $1million-plus for a clifftop home. Neskowin Crest, an older area ona hillside west of town, offers gorgeous views but no beach access.Houses (1940s to 1970s) range from $250,000 to $500,000.

Your Next-door Neighbors: Business owners, artists,teachers, microbrewery owners, a federal judge, ad agency founders,retired pilots, real-estate agents.

How You'd Spend Your Free Time: Walking on the beach;enrolling in such classes as sea kayaking, art, and yoga at theSitka Center; hiking the Cascade Head trails; making day trips tothe Willamette Valley wine country.

(published 2004)