Keep tabs on severe weather with these top-rated phone apps.

By Coastal Living
August 26, 2011
Tom brings his trademark rich patina to carved-fish weather vanes.
Kindra Clineff

Be prepared with these weather and emergency apps.

1. Hurricane ($2.99) for iPhone shows you detailed hurricane information and is set up to get you the latest weather changes quickly.

2. Hurricane Tracker HD ($2.99) is an excellent sever weather tracking app for iPad that takes advantage of the added screen real estate to show detailed weather maps and info.

3. Hurricane Express (.99) for iPhone provides information from the National Hurricane Center. It gives lots of raw data from storm chasers, moving radar maps, storm tracking, wind maps, and more.

4. The Weather Channel App (FREE) has customizable weather maps, animated radar, detailed weather conditions and forecasts, and severe weather alerts.

5. Weather+ (.99) for iPad and iPhone gives you wind direction and speed, plus precipitation details and 3-hourly weather forecasts.

6. NOAA Radar US ($1.99) shows the most up-to-date severe weather warnings from the National Weather Service. Cloud cover and satellite imagery, play and pause animation, and display time on radar images all make this a must-have app.

7. American Red Cross Shelter View Apps  (FREE) lets you know when and where shelters have been opened to provide assistance when storms strike.

8. FEMA App (FREE) for Android contains disaster safety tips, interactive lists for storing your emergency kit emergency meeting location information, and a map with shelters and FEMA Disaster Recovery Centers (DRCs).