The 8-year-old corgi started surfing as a form of therapy after suffering a brutal attack.

By Taylor Eisenhauer
August 30, 2018
ViralHog via LadBible

Jojo, “the world’s only surfing corgi,” according to his Instagram, has been catching waves for three years.

What began as therapy after surviving a near-fatal attack by two other dogs has quickly become Jojo’s passion. “We love being in the water,” says owner Josephine Zosa. “We get to bond, and it’s just fun being able to spend time together.”

After Jojo’s trip to the emergency vet, he underwent rehab, which included trips to the beach in his hometown of San Diego. “[Surfing] has helped him to be healthy again,” says Zosa. “He’s gotten his strength and mobility back.”

Jojo’s road to recovery has been so successful that he’s now a decorated surf champ, having won the Purina Incredible Dog Challenge and placing third in the Imperial Beach Surfdog Competition in 2016.

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When he’s not winning competitions (and hearts), Jojo likes to give back—he volunteers as a therapy dog for the military, hospitals, nursing homes, and libraries (as if we needed another reason to love him).

Next up for surfing’s rising star? He’ll be hanging ten at the Surf Dog Surf-A-Thon in San Diego. Follow Jojo on Instagram to keep up with the talented pooch’s latest accolades—and to see which Hawaiian shirt he rocks next.

[h/t LadBible]