Each year Coastal Living applauds courageous stewards of the shore. Whether protecting an island or preventing oil spills, these people and organizations boldly act in the best interest of our fragile oceans.

By Sarah Brueggemann
December 05, 2006
Gayle Christopher

Sea and Shore Preservation
  Mordecai Land Trust
Volunteers lend a hand-and a hammer-to save an island off the Jersey shore.

  Spice Island Beach Resort
This Caribbean retreat went green, inspiring both visitors and staff.

  Resource Rangers
Award-winning videos and hands-on fun make this Florida conservation program a hit.

  Moss Landing Marine Laboratories
Graceful form marries ocean research on California's Central Coast.

  Stan Stephens
Spurred to action by the Exxon Valdez oil spill, this tour-boat captain made a commitment to protect Prince William Sound.