Part of the Surfrider Foundation’s ‘Clean Water, Healthy Beaches’ campaign, this PSA is a call to action for anyone who loves the coast.

By Lauren Phillips
July 12, 2017

If you’re not already fighting for the health of our coasts and oceans, prepare to be motivated. As part of its nationwide “Clean Water, Healthy Beaches” campaign, nonprofit environmental organization the Surfrider Foundation released a powerful PSA video that asks coastal defenders (a.k.a. Surfrider activists and volunteers) what challenges they’re fighting in order to protect coasts and oceans.

Their answers outline the obstacles we face in preserving clean water and healthy beaches for generations to come and explain why they continue their efforts. These coastal champions also call for your help fighting—and eventually winning—this battle.

“With the growing number of threats and challenges to our ocean, our coasts, and our planet every day, we must all work to protect what we love,” said Surfrider Foundation CEO Dr. Chad Nelsen in a press release.

The “Clean Water, Healthy Beaches” campaign seeks to raise awareness for and encourage the protection of healthy and accessible beaches, clean water, and plastic-free coastlines—causes anyone who enjoys time by the sea can appreciate.

Surfrider’s volunteer-led efforts, which have resulted in more than 400 victories in protecting the ocean and beaches, rely on people taking a stand in their communities with activities such as beach clean-ups, campaigns against legislation that would harm the oceans and coasts, and more. The network has local chapters in 35 states, with more than 90 active campaigns.

Want to help? See how you can volunteer with the Surfrider Foundation, or learn more about Surfrider’s Coastal Defenders. Will you join the fight for clean water and healthy beaches?

Video and photo courtesy of the Surfrider Foundation