Celebrities do a lot of weird things to get our attention, but this time, we’re here for it.

By Stacey Leasca
December 01, 2018
Courtesy of Fishlove

This fall, a handful of A-list celebrities including Sean Penn, Josh Brolin, Helena Bonham Carter and more stripped down to their birthday suits to pose alongside giant, dead fish. But, fear not, they haven’t all lost their minds. Instead, it was all part of the Fishlove photo campaign, which aimed to raise awareness about overfishing.

“Fishlove is a series of striking images which is now at the heart of a global movement to protect our seas from destructive fishing practices,” the campaign’s website explained. “The portraits, featuring celebrated individuals with fish, have succeeded in raising significant awareness for campaigns such as Marine Conservation Society, OCEAN2012, Deep Sea Coalition, The End of the Line, and Blue Marine Foundation.”

The site noted that the collapse of fish stocks in the world’s oceans is “an environmental catastrophe” that is just as important as climate change. Thankfully, it noted, this is one disaster that the world can avoid by implementing the right political measures to curb overfishing.

Truly, this sea change can't come soon enough. According to the National Union for the Conservation of Nature, 90 percent of species of fish in European waters are threatened with extinction. Chondrichthyan species, which includes sharks, rays, and chimaeras, are at the most risk. As the report states, an estimated 40.4 percent of these species are threatened with an elevated risk of extinction.

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As for what you can do to help (besides being photographed naked with a shark), Fishlove’s site suggested looking more closely at your food options, staying away from consuming shark or other deepwater dwellers, choosing organic farmed seafood whenever possible, and signing the petition telling politicians to vote to end overfishing in the European Union.