Triple X for a good cause?

By Marisa Spyker
September 04, 2019
Andrea Comi/Getty Images

There are certain things we tend to keep filed away in our brains as completely unrelated. For instance, there’s the knowledge we have that the ocean is in the midst of a pollution crisis, with 8 million tons of plastic being dumped into our seas every year. And then there’s the fact that a website called “Pornhub” exists. (Never heard of it? We’ll leave the guessing to you.)

But in what could be the weirdest charitable effort ever, Pornhub is now attempting to get in on the ocean-saving action. And by doing so, they’re asking viewers to take a moment to watch their “dirtiest” film ever—for a good cause.

In the “Dirtiest Porn Ever” campaign, Pornhub has partnered up with nonprofit Ocean Polymers to raise awareness for the ocean’s plastic problem. For their part, the adult film site has released a brand new video filmed on one of the world’s dirtiest beaches—a would-be pristine palm-lined paradise littered with plastics. According to Forbes, in addition to what you can, ahem, obviously expect from an adult film, the new video shows a cleanup crew in Pornhub-branded jumpsuits picking up litter from the surrounding beach. And the video does more than just raise awareness: For every view the dirty movie receives, Pornhub is also pledging to donate an undisclosed amount of cash to Ocean Polymers.

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While the European-based nonprofit, which is developing a sustainable way to remove and recycle waste from our seas, acknowledges that the match-up might seem a little out of the ordinary, they also applaud the company for using its voice to educate and inspire viewers.

This is a brand with significant global reach spanning all demographics, so it is a very effective platform to raise awareness and support for the crisis we face in our oceans today,” said Heather Wigglesworth, Executive Director and Project and Operations Manager of Ocean Polymers in a press release.It would be great to see more companies of this size and stature taking the same responsibility with the audience they engage."

Whether or not you choose to entertain Pornhub’s offering, there are plenty of other ways you can do your part to support the health of our seas, from reducing your consumption of single-use plastics to donating directly to one of the many amazing organizations fighting to keep our oceans clean. (Here are 10 easy ocean-saving changes you can make right now to your routine.)

Or go ahead and watch the video. We won’t tell anyone.